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What Isn't Covered


Our warranty lasts 1 year and starts the day you order your device.

You can obtain warranty support by submitting a request at via our support portal ( ) , or by sending your request via email to

Any device that is damaged by the user will not be covered in any way, regardless of when the issue was reported, or discovered.

We will either repair your device, or, if the issue is not repairable, we will issue a replacement.

Warranty service can be obtained same day by bringing your device to any Wisephone ER location. Customers that purchased their devices online will need to submit an RMA. Online warranty claims typically take 6-10 business days to complete but may take longer under certain circumstances.

We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to send your device in for service. If the device is found to not be covered under our warranty, you will be required to cover the cost of shipping the device back to you.

Batteries are only covered under limited circumstances. We cover batteries that are considered to be defective (random reboots, no power, ect). We do not cover devices that are considered to have poor battery health as this is usually directly a result of device usage, and battery manufacturing specs.

You can have your device services as many times as needed under our warranty as long as the device has not been damaged in any way.

We only offer replacements if the issue with the device in question is found to be unrepairable by our staff.

Need Warranty Service?

Visit our support center here.

You may also obtain support by emailing us.


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