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We offer bulk repair solutions to business of all sizes. Our expert repair technicians can fix it all.

Saving the planet

A solution For E-Waste

Our goal is to help eliminate electronic waste from our landfills by doing whatever we can to re-purpose old electronics. We’ve got you covered whether you’re a wholesale electronics business that needs to liquidate excess inventory, or a company that uses consumer electronics for daily operation and needs repairs done to them. There are no orders to small, or to large. We re-purpose, recycle, and repair tens of thousands of devices per year. 

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Our technicians are experts, and our turn around time is fast. You can expect your devices to be diagnosed accurately and repaired properly. We are also the most affordable repair company in the industry. Repairing in bulk with us results in discounts of up to 50% off our already industry leading repair pricing.

We repair all consumer electronics including but not limited to, phones, tablets, laptops, chromebooks and desktops.

We can repair devices in just about any condition, however, some types of damage, such as water damage, may not be fixable.

If you are local we can schedule a time to with you to pick them up in person. If not, we can provide you with a prepaid Fedex shipping label to mail them to us.

It generally depends on the repairs needed. We are industry leaders when it comes to turn around time, however, we are not able to provide a time estimate until the devices are fully tested by our repair staff.

This is purely dependent on the types of devices that you have and the repairs they need. Some devices will be significantly cheaper to repair than others. 

Most of our repairs (about 99%) are backed by a lifetime warranty. If our parts are found to be defective, as long it isn’t damaged, we will replace it again for free.

If you don’t accept the updated quote provided after testing, we will simply return the devices to you.

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